samsung galaxy s8 hands on

Is the Samsung Galaxy S8 the phone we were expecting?

The newest flagship in town is causing a stir. The S8 is one to look out for as it is bigger and better than the S7. Samsung’s announcement and sale of the S8 has come a bit later than expected as it was notably absent from the announcements at 2017’s MWC’s announcement list. This might be because the manufacturer was taking more time to perfect the model and avoid another debacle similar to the recall of the Note 7.

The phone is everything that was expected, as the features and functionality are just as was anticipated.

Internal storage and battery life

The S8’s 64 GB internal memory storage is more than enough to cater to the needs of the user. The manufacturer, however saw it fit to include the optional external storage, which is a great feature for those who need more than 64 GB storage. The expanded external memory does not slow down the phone’s functions or cause them to lag, unlike in earlier models.

The S8 has an internal battery. The battery life is more than sufficient for the standard user. 3000mAh is enough to ensure that this smartphone stays running all day. There are numerous tips on how to maximize on battery life by slowing down power discharge which comes in handy when one does not have the time to charge the phone often. The increase in the battery size is not a problem as Samsung came up with a new multiple point check test in order to avoid a repeat of the flammable feature in the recalled Note 7.

Software and Charging

As expected, the Galaxy S8 launches with Android Nougat. It has an interesting user interface and fast response to commands. It also spots the USB type C port, although it maintains the 3.5mm jack for the headphones, which makes the phone compatible with many headsets available in the market.

Samsung Galaxy S8 also boasts of fast charging and the wireless charging feature. These are features expected in every new device, and not only in the S8. Oh, and let’s not forget that you can unlock your Samsung Galaxy S8 using facial recognition, which is truly an amazing feature!

Display and resolution

The S8 has an edge to edge curved screen that is a sight for sore eyes. The removal of the home screen button in favor of a virtual one helps with improving the phones waterproof capability. The flagship also has the IP68 waterproof feature which is the best in the market. The phone’s 5.8 inch display provides enough screen-space for the user.

One of the great things about the S8 is that the increased size did not also come with an increase in thickness as the width is the same as that of the S7. Quad HD resolution alongside the 506 ppi pixel density provides for clear and high resolution images and display in general.


The Samsung Galaxy S8 is everything it was pegged to be. Although there aren’t monumental changes or improvements that make it different from the S7 by light years, it is worth the upgrade as it still has more to offer than its predecessor.


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