Galaxy s8 vs s7

Galaxy S7 vs. Galaxy S8 – Is it worth updating?

Some tech enthusiasts are holding their breath for the Samsung Galaxy S8. Like every other flagship, the phone promises to offer a lot to its users. New features are expected, so the user’s experience is expected to be better than with any other predecessors. With the newness and new features there has to be a steep price. This often makes many wonder whether the changes and upgrades are enough to cause them to trade in their old models for new ones at the often expensive prices, especially when it comes to an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8.

So, the question in people’s minds is whether it is worth upgrading to the Samsung Galaxy S8 from the Galaxy S7. So, is it?

1. Software and Hardware

When it comes to the hardware and software, the two models are pretty much the same. They both run on the Exynos 8895 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. The S8, like the S7, is expected to run on Android Nougat. This means that there is nothing new to look forward to in either in the S8 as it is pretty much the same as its predecessor. This is one of the reasons many may opt out of upgrading their devices.

However, even with such similarities, there are a number of things that may influence one to get the S8 in place of the S7!

2. Voice Assistant

The S8 has Blixby assistant, which is a new feature. Samsung has lagged behind on this as other phones have already managed to incorporate voice assistants in their devices for a while now. However, for Samsung enthusiasts, the day has finally come and the voice assistant is worth upgrading your device.

3. Battery life

The S8 moved from the S7’s 3000mAh capacity to 3250mAh. That extra 250mAh makes all the difference for users who are used to having their charge run out on them or for those who do not fancy charging their phones often. The other reason is that the S8 is the first of Samsung phones to use the 8-point testing system so batteries are safer and unlikely to turn flammable.

4. Size and display

The S8 is bigger in size than the S7. It measures at 5.8 inches which is pretty big. Anyone who loves bigger phones will love the S8. The great thing about this flagship is that it is not any thicker than its predecessor. One therefore gets a bigger phone that has the same feel in the palm. Additionally, it has a better screen to body ratio as it also curves from edge to edge, features that were not in the S7.

When it comes to aesthetics, Samsung has made the S8 better than the S7 and that is reason enough to upgrade.


Ultimately, the decision on whether to buy a new S8 or keep the old S7 is personal. One has to weigh the benefits of getting the new flagship against the amount it will cost to get it. In the end, no matter how much you want the S8, your budget shall dictate your choice and final step.


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