samsung galaxy note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 prices

August is almost here and with it comes the excitement of the release of Samsung’s new flagship, the Galaxy Note 7 phablet. This phablet has been on everyone’s minds since the rumors of the specs, display and design started doing the rounds. It is going to have a 5.8 inch screen, bigger than that of its predecessor, the Note 5.

The phablet has taken on the Note 7 name, skipping the Note 6 in order to streamline branding for the Galaxy series, that is, the S and the Note, as well as the iPhone. The use of Note 6 would have implied a lesser quality or older model in comparison to this year’s flagships which are at number 7. The phablet has great features such as iris scanning in addition to a fingerprint sensor, Snapdragon 823 processor and curved edges.

It is also rumored to have 4K display complementing the 12 MP primary and 5 MP secondary cameras with an aperture of f/1.7 making it great for taking photos in low light. To add icing onto the cake, the Note 7 also has IP68 rating on waterproof and dust protection. But how much will one have to part with to get this phablet?


AT&T has a thirty month plan in which the buyer pays $28.50. This totals to around $895 at the end of the payment period. Unlike other carriers, AT&T does not have a two-year contract.


T-Mobile does not have a two year contract as well. The carrier instead has a 24-month plan in which the buyer pays $34.50 per month. The total cost comes to about $880 which is cheaper than what AT&T has to offer.


Verizon has a two year contract at $349 per year. The buyer can also opt to pay $ 32 for the 24-month payment plan. The cost for the latter comes to $892, which is higher than what T-Mobile has to offer but lower than what AT&T is offering.


Sprint has a two year contract similar to that of Verizon at $349 per year. The 24-month plan involves monthly $33 payments amounting to a total cost of $850.

US Cellular

US Cellular’s two year contract also comes at $349 a year. The 24-month plan is calculated at payments of $30 per month which bring the total cost to $880, much lower than it’s other competitors and equal to the T-Mobile plan.


As is common with all flagships, people tend to preorder long before the release of the device. This places one ahead of others in acquiring the newest flagship. The same is true for the Note 7 as tech enthusiasts started looking into preorders immediately the rumors started circulating. With the price list from the different US carriers, one is able to get a good plan that will not dent the pocket in the short run. Additionally, these plans often come with different perks. The same applies for preorders. Samsung plans to throw in some freebies as was with the launch of the S7 and S7 Edge which came bundled with the Gear VR Headset and Gear S2 as freebies.

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