6 Technologies That Will Change The World

Technology changes every so often. The world is headed in the right direction with the kind of growth and innovations that are being witnessed. Some of the 6 technologies that will definitely change the world include:

Google Glasses



Google Glasses are basically glasses that have a tiny computer mounted on them. The glasses act as a screen and are the first of their kind in the market. These glasses can do so much. You can check your social media feeds, take photos and videos instantly, learn about history and basically everything else that a smart phone can do except while being worn. The glass is high quality and is not easily susceptible to damage.

Google glass has revolutionized the art of capturing the moment. It takes photos and videos instantly upon a voice command. It is also able to display various things on the screen. When it comes to conducting business, having the screen allows you to have conference calls with partners or even friends without having to be in the same location. The glasses bring the experience closer, something that laptops, PCs and mobile devices have not been able to.

Eye Tribe


Eye Tribe is an eye tracking software that enables users to control smart devices such as smart phones through the look of an eye. Technologically, this is a great stride as it will enable communication beyond words or gestures. This is the smallest eye tracking device and does not require a separate power source which makes it even more popular. The Eye Tribe tech is not only beneficial in enhancing user’s experiences while using devices, it also bring security. Operations are through eye movements and so things like passcodes are kept extra safe.

Oculus Rift



The Oculus Rift has revolutionised virtual reality. This virtual reality headset is important not only in entertainment such as in gaming through consoles, roller coaster and watching movies but also in areas such as medicine, particularly surgery, military training before deployment which is updated through simulations but also in education by taking teenagers and their parents through the dangers of drunk and dangerous driving.

Leap Motion (monitor sensor)


Leap motion is technology that involves the sensing and capturing of different forms of motion to reconstruct what the device sees into a 3D image. This is monumental as it can be used to delve into other areas such as medicine in diagnosis and treatment among other areas.

Eye Tracking Technology


Eye tracking technology involves tracking eye movements to determine the point of focus thus deriving mood, attitude and other areas of human behaviour. This technology has a bright future because it can be used to encourage hands-free interactions and also to determine and study human behaviour. Other than that, it enhances the user’s experience o f smart devices.

Form 1 (personal 3D Printer)



The Form 1 personal 3D printer has brought major development in engineering, architecture and construction that use modelling as a major part of their process for product development. The Form 1 3D printer is able to translate algorithms and designs into 3D models. What this has done is that it has hastened the time within which buildings and other products such as automobiles go to the market. This has also increased efficiency in production.



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