Top 5 Creative WorkPlaces

There is nothing as good as working in an environment that allows you to feel relaxed and thus be more productive. Businesses have learnt the value of having creative office spaces as it increases productivity as well as creates an environment where people are able to thrive. Some of the most creative office spaces include:




It is no secret that Google has one of the most versatile and creative working environment sin the world. The Google offices in Zurich are big but are well equipped to make the spaces creative. There are slides and firemen’s poles to get to different places in the office if you do not want to walk from one place to another. There are kitchens everywhere owing to the rule that employees are not supposed to be 100 meters from food. In addition to this there is a cafeteria where employees get fed three times a day for free. This should not come as a surprise though as Google has a lot of money to enable creation of such a working space.

Dreamhost offices in Le Brea, California



The designers of this office are the same that worked on Facebook and AOL and so the creativity of the work space is expected. These offices have a large ping pong table and have eliminated the use of cubicles which often limit employee interactions. Instead, the office has large glass windows which provide great lighting and eliminate the use of fluorescent lighting. The office is bright and open with some awesome splashes of color which make it feel less formal and methodical.

Selgas Cano in Madrid



This office for architects is less of fun and more of a relaxed atmosphere. It is in the woods in Madrid and is half underground and half above ground. The office is not big but the space is peaceful and colorful which eliminates the boring vibe associated with work places. It is a great place to work in and it helps people connect more with nature and the environment around.




These offices are in Portland Oregon. The environment is comfortable but not in the fun and colorful sense only. The offices use recycled raw materials that make the place look unique as well as comfortable and happy. Some of the raw materials include a salvaged pizza oven and a wood from a barn. It may not be all fun and slides but it helps the place stand out. There is much attention to detail and the finish is great.



Facebook has a really creative office. The open spaces are great to work in. there are areas where people can deejay and skate among other relaxing activities. All this was created through a poll that employees took about what they would like to see in their office space.


With such great working environments, who would dread coming to work every day? In addition to that, such creative environments spark creativity in the employees which is what leads to the conceptualisation of the great ideas they churn out!


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