11 Products That You Can’t Believe They Actually Exist

Have you ever come across some ridiculous products that you simply cannot believe exist? There are quite a number of those around the world. Well, here are a number that top the list:


  • A book on how to read a book



It is a bit redundant. Who wants to read a book to know how to read a book? I mean, you are already reading a book. A better idea would have been how to read a book effectively.


  • Crafting with Cat hair



This book has ways that you can craft with your cat using its hair. Who would want to gather cat hair and craft from it? Who would want to do the same with their cat? It’s a bit cruel, don’t you think?


  • Fried fruit on a stick



How much would someone like fried things that you think of frying a fruit? This not only kills the nutrients, it probably also obliterates the original taste of the fruit. Just get chicken, or fries, or the whole other variety of fried foods available.


  • Chest wig



The only question to ask in such a situation is why! Why would any man buy a chest wig and actually wear it? The only logical reason would be that it was Halloween or there was a costume party and they wanted to attend as Wolverine but had no chest hair.


  • Tan cosy



This product is worn after applying a fake tan to prevent your sheets from getting ruined.


  • A moustache protector



This product dates back to the 80’s. It was designed to protect the moustache while they drank their tea.


  • Wine for dummies



Each bottle comes with a pronunciation guide. People no longer have to mispronounce wine names any more.


  • A chicken in a can



Now that everything comes in a can, why not can an actual chicken?


  • Squeeze bacon



This bacon paste is easy to squeeze onto your sandwich. Why cook real bacon? Why not have pasty bacon on your burger?


  • Cheez-it flavored lip balm



This lip balm is cheese- flavored. Who in the world would want to have a lingering cheese taste?


  • Elvis’ Favorite recipes



Are you hungry tonight? Enjoy some of what Elvis would have wanted to eat.


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