Best 10 Childhood Games from Atari

Video games are the best part of the childhood. There are ranges of games available for childhood but the Atari games are something that has defined the innocence and excitement of the childhood. The Atari Games are famous for the interactive design and brain development as well. Here are the best 10 childhood games from Atari.

  1. Pong


It has to be one of the most influential games available across the globe that got the attention and popularity of the people. This was a 2D approach for the table tennis. The two players had the control and the job was to knock the ball on the screen of the opponent. The game was released in 1977 and was very addictive.


  1. Adventure


This was the first game from Atari that created revolution in the action genre. The fierce dragons were the major attractions of the game released in 1979. Even though the graphics was not at highest standard as compared to modern facilities but that was definitely one of the best games for childhood.


  1. Space Invaders


This was the introduction to the Atari 2600 version of the games and made it huge. The cannons on the ground and shooting the aliens were fun. The faster speed and the increasing sound contributed for the heart beats that stops when you die. The game released in 1980 was one of the best at that time.


  1. Asteroids


Atari was experimenting with the childhood games and that helped them to come with the Asteroids. This was released in 1981 and was one of the best in the industry. The game has improved pixels and would allow your spaceship to hover around the sky and break the asteroids. The more you break, the more points you get.


  1. Ms. Pac-man


The Ms. Pac-man was one of the highly popular games released with Atari 2600 versions. It came to glory with the approach of the game and attracted the children. It was released in 1982.


  1. Pitfall


This was the game that started the side platform controller and redefined the video games. The adventurous game featured hovering over the dense jungle where you have to swing over the deadly crocodiles and hunt for treasures as well.


  1. Frogger


This was one of the defining games for the video games. The user had to take the frog through rapid traffic and obstacles with adequate speed to reach home within acceptable time frame.


  1. Q’bert


This was one of the classic games introduced by Atari. The armless orange had to jump around various pyramids and creatures and especially Coily, the Snake will come as intervention. However, you must touch as many cubes as possible.


  1. Joust


In Real World, Ostrich doesn’t fly but in the Joust by Atari, Ostrich flies high. It fights with other knights, collects eggs and others. It was one of the funniest and entertaining games for the children.


  1. Pole Position


This was the creator of the racing genre and it was one of the best. It was thrill to drive and over speed the others. Even though there was not improved graphics but it was really fun.


These were the best 10 games from Atari that did not only made things interesting in Childhood but also raised the bar of the games in future.


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