10 Tips Every Netflix User Needs To Know

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services available. It is available in many countries and was the first to get in the game thus is compatible with very many devices including gaming consoles and mobile devices. Using the service is pretty straightforward and only requires the app downloaded onto your device and the subscription to be paid for. There are some tips, however, that one can learn about. These include:




  • Saving on data charges


Netflix users can save on the data that they use while streaming on different devices. Al l you have to do is change the settings to standard definition on the Netflix app. Setting the streaming quality to the lowest will save on data and is accessible through the ‘Manage Video Quality’ option on the settings.



  • Stopping moochers from accessing your account


You may notice some unlikely suggestions on your Netflix. Check through the recent history to see whether you are the only one who has been accessing the account. If you find that someone has been mooching off you then go to your account and sign out from all devices. This will stop people from accessing your account without your permission although it may take three days to come into effect.



  • Find the best shows and movies


Go through IMDb’s top 250 and check what is on the list and available on Netflix as well. This will help you to pick the best shows and movies especially if you do not already have a list of shows that you watch constantly. It is a nice way to discover new shows that are available and in season or trending.



  • Netflix Roulette


Netflix Roulette picks shows and movies for you. If you do not know what to watch then you can use this and you have all your choices sorted!



  • Unlock movies when travelling abroad


Movies and shows are restricted to certain countries. For $3.95 a month you can use mediahint to unblock the movies and shows in your location. Hola also serves the same purpose and it is available for free.



  • Essential keyboard shortcuts


For the screen, F is for full screen and ESC is to exit full screen. To rewind and fast forward, the shortcuts are shift + left arrow and shift + right arrow respectively. You can also play and pause by pressing the enter button and play or pause by pressing page up and page down respectively. The volume shortcuts are the standard up arrow to add and down arrow to reduce the volume.



  • Get trailers and ratings



For $1 a year, Netflix Enhancer gives you more information about a show or a film on the page. This is a Chrome browser extension although the old extension is available for free.



  • Find out what is new


You can see what is new on Netflix’s Facebook page. These are specific to countries so you should like the one in your locality. You can also check whats-on-netflix.com for this information.



  • Resize subtitles


To resize subtitles all you have to do is change the settings on ‘Subtitle Appearance’. You can even change the color of the subtitles while you are at it.



  • Watch movies with your close friends and family


To do this you should visit http://rabb.it/. It allows you to simultaneously watch videos from Netflix with friends and family.



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