10 Ways Virtual Reality Technology Is Being Used Beyond Gaming

Virtual reality is one of the newest technologies in town. The release and sale of the Oculus Rift has people going out of their minds trying to get their hands on this latest gadget. Gamers are excited to add to their list of gadgets. However, at $600 it seems a bit over the top to get this device only to use it for gaming only. Good news to those who are considering buying it is that you can use it for more than gaming. Some of the uses are:




Virtual Reality technology gives the user a personal theatre while watching movies. The headsets allow the wearer to have a screen that is not limited. Now that people have been able to enjoy 3D technology for a while, virtual reality headsets transport the wearer into the movie, game or even the concert, if such movies and concerts are filmed with the option to provide a virtual reality platform. If you thought entertainment was only through gaming then enjoy even more when watching movies, your favorite sport or even a concert, without having to interact with the rowdy crowd.

Tourism has also decided to make use of virtual reality, offering travel to different places on the virtual reality platforms. You can beat the winter blues by going to Hawaii in just thirty seconds.

Health services


Health services use virtual reality to simulate different things such as surgical theatres. They are used in the diagnosis and treatment of different diseases.





Astronauts use virtual technology to control robots on Mars and also as a way or release, eliminating stress. Human life has only survived on earth alone and so the various exploration projects are done using robots but, they are controlled by humans thanks to virtual reality.


Automotive manufacturing


Design of automobiles is done using virtual reality. Through this one, one is able to see the potential outcome of a certain design. This makes designing more efficient.




Jury members and judges no longer have to look at boring crime scene photos. They can get a feel of a crime scene through simulations that use virtual reality to recreate the scenes into more practical and realistic scenes.




The military uses virtual technology to train its soldiers before deployment to different battle fronts. This creates a somewhat real life experience of what to expect in the battle field. It also sieves out those whose response to different simulated situations is not considered fit for service.




With virtual reality, you can visit different museums all over the world. This technology allows you to enjoy a piece of history regardless of time and space.




Through virtual reality, teenagers are able to learn about the dangers of dangerous and drunk driving. Virtual technology simulates the experiences that drunk and dangerous drivers face. This provides teenagers and their parents with education on how to be responsible drivers and the consequences when this is deviated from.




Virtual reality technology provides shoppers with the opportunity to go through stores virtually. This takes online shopping to a whole new level.


Mental health


You can be transported to different calm environments that aid in meditation and therapy for people suffering from psychological ailments.



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