Tips And Tricks For Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the most popular phones available in the market. It is considered one of the best phones as well in the market spectrum of high end specifications and features. There are ranges of features available for the phone that can be used for the better user experience. However, there are always something better on the cards for the smartphones and the same should be applicable for the Samsung Galaxy S4. Here are the tips and tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S4 that can be used for superior user experience.

Disable S Voice


S Voice is one of the cool features present in the Samsung Galaxy S4. It can be open via shortcut by double tapping the Home Key. However, this can eventually slowdown the performance of the Home Key. However, one can improve the navigation process by simply disabling the option. All you need to do is to go to the menu and uncheck the shortcut box, so it will not be opened with double Home Key. This will improve the navigation of the Home Key by considerable amount.


Samsung Sound


The Samsung sounds on the Samsung Galaxy S4 can be very annoying and that can make you feel irritated. However, that does not mean you have go with it. You can always turn off the Samsung Sound by simple trick. You can go to the settings and navigate to the Sound and Notification under My Device, under which you will find Other Sound. All you have to do is to uncheck the box and get on with it. The Samsung Sound will be turned off.


Call or Message contacts


Calling or messaging is the basic features of the phone and that is why the phones are used. Even though there are many features in your phone, you will use it mainly for these two purposes. However, it may be a tough call to go to the menu and search for the contact. But your gesture is actually sufficient for it. All you have to do is to make the gesture for the first alphabet and it will be up in front of you. It is simple and nice.


Hidden Settings


The name of the hidden settings always excites the users and you can actually access it for Samsung Galaxy S4. However, you may need to use the Note 2 Hidden Settings App for it and all the hidden settings will be revealed in front of you.


Secure your Notification Bar


You know that with the Android Lollipop update one does not need to unlock the phone to read emails or texts. However, it can be a threat to security as well. You may not want others to see the stuffs and you can easily do away with the features. All you have to do is to navigate to the Application Notification under Settings and change the option for While Locked.


Voice Control


You can go to the Voice Control Setting and turn on it. You can actually use it to control many things like take a photo and other hands free just with your voice.


These are the best tips and tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S4 that can be pretty much exciting and interesting.


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