Best Smartphones For 2016

2016 will witness a myriad of smartphone launches that promises to offer stronger, smarter, more performance-oriented, and more aesthetically designed smartphones for the ultra-modern generation. Electronic manufacturers are no longer trying to copy each other, instead, they are trying to design and develop innovative features that will completely blow our minds away. Therefore, every smartphone that launches in 2016 will have an entirely unique set of features and characteristics that are designed for a particular set of buyers. Therefore, we take a close look at some of the best smartphones for 2016.


iPhone 7

iphone 7

Apple is indeed at the forefront when it comes to design and technological innovation, which makes their entire range of electronic devices an instant hit among the masses. The iPhone 7 is an eagerly awaited smartphone that easily sets the benchmark for other smartphones to follow suit. There are several features expected from the iPhone 7, some of which includes an improved processor, more memory, waterproof feature, better display, and an upgrade to iOS 10. There are countless rumors about several different and ground-breaking features, but we will have to wait until September of 2016 for a complete picture.


Samsung Galaxy S7

galaxy s7

Samsung is the only smartphone company that has a serious chance of challenging the iPhone range of models through their own Galaxy S range of smartphones. The latest iteration of the Galaxy S smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S6, failed miserably in the market. Some of the key features of the successful S4 and S5 models were sorely missed, however, the design struck a good chord among buyers. Samsung is expected to carry forward the positives for the Galaxy S7 model, and we can also expect Samsung to bring in the deleted features. Samsung will also launch the Galaxy S7 during February 2016.



lg g5

LG is another Korean smartphone manufacturer that has been trying hard to capture a fair amount of market share. LG has been creating some of the most excellent design concepts and their smartphones truly had some excellent features at an affordable price range. The LG G5 is expected to be a revolutionary concept, and is expected to have plenty of additional features from the G4 version. The company is planning to introduce an iris scanner as part of the security feature, and the G5 will also come with a 21 MP camera for 4K resolution pictures. Expect the phone to be equipped with a powerful display as well, and LG will be adding a bigger battery to support the added performance.


Microsoft Surface Phone

surface phone

Windows phones have long been accepted as one of the most secure OS in the smartphone market, and even if the Lumia series haven’t set the sales charts blazing, the Surface range of smartphones look set to perform better than expected. The Microsoft Surface Phone is still considered to be a rumor, but company insiders have leaked information about the imminent launch of the Surface phone during the first half of 2016. Once launched, The Microsoft Surface Phone has the ability to compete directly with the iPhone 7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7.


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